Introduction to AgroPro……

Chieftain’s operating company for the provision of the agricultural equipment lease and hire operations to both Program Farms and Non-Program Farms is The Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Company Limited (“AgroPro”).
AgroPro’s equipment support services encompass the full service (i.e. machine + operator) short-term hire of specialized equipment for:

  • Land clearing – Fellers, Bunchers
  • Land preparation – Mechanized tillers and cultivators
  • Pesticides control – Mechanized applicators and spreaders
  • Harvests - Combine and Forage Harvesters
  • Produce haulage – Farm gate evacuators

 Services also include the medium-term hire/rental of post-harvest processing machinery and irrigation equipment that the various Apex Associations and Agricultural Cooperatives are familiar with, such that training requirements for the operations of the equipment is minimal.  The company retains repairs and maintenance responsibilities.

AgroPro has set up equipment centers at Kano, Benue, Lagos and Akwa Ibom States, as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).