Tractor Service Delivery Programme (2008) - Download 2008 TSDP

The Federal Government launched the Tractor Service Delivery Program in 2008 with the award of 1,750 tractors of various capacities ranging from 50-75HP for deployment to farmers in 36 States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
The cost has been subsidized by 25% by the Federal Government, with further subsidies by the participating state governments of at least 15%. Benefiting farmers are to make a down payment of at least 10%, thus bringing the total to 50% cost of machine.
The balance of 50% cost of machine is to be amortized over 36 months
Under this program, AgroPro is to deliver 200 units of 75HP John Deere Tractors and attachments (3-bottom disc plough, 14 disc offset harrow, 2-row disc ridger and 9-ton Tipping Trailer).
AgroPro has delivered 108 sets of 75HP John Deere Tractors and attachments to FCT (75) and Lagos (33).
Deliveries of balance 92 sets of machines are being made to other states.

2011 National Program for Food Security - Download 2010 NPFS

The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a loan from the African Development Bank in various currencies to finance the cost of National Programme for Food Security of National Food Reserve Agency (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources). It is intended that part of the proceeds of this loan will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for procurement of 36 Units of 75HP Agricultural Tractors and Implements.
AgroPro was awarded the contract and has delivered 36 Units of Tractors to 3 States (Cross River, Ekiti and Ondo State) listed under the contract.

2011 Federal Ministry of Education / ADB Programme - Download 2011 FME



Tractor Service Delivery Programme (2011) - Download 2011 TSDP

The Food Reserve and storage Department of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has received allocations from the Federation Account; and intends to apply part of this allocation for payments under contracts for the supply of 370 units of Tractors, Implements and Service kits for Tractor Hiring Service.
Under the arrangement, stakeholders will contribute as follows: Federal Government (25%), State Government (15%), Machinery Manufacturer or Vendor       (60%).
The 60% equity contribution by Machinery Manufacturer or Private Sector Investor would be recovered installmentally from the Specialized Tractor beneficiaries over a period of 3 years.


Agropro Lease and Hire - lease and hire

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